10 rooms for associations - 1 radio studio - 3 classrooms
Location : Allée Saint-Exupéry / 78190 Trappes

Team : Hélène Reinhard

Copyright pictures : Clément Guillaume

Project management : Ville de Trappes

A friendly, welcoming, nurturing inter-assiociatifs exchanges. For this, we have chosen as part of the rehabilitation to improve the appearance of the two fronts and therefore the entrance of the building, to get users to be able to make use of the building adjoining spaces, and make people want to meet there, to work there.

These developments include the opening reception areas, allow to give the building a connotation of public building and so for the city to enhance its work in the nonprofit world. They improve the look of the place and allow the organization of outdoor activities, if necessary.
Inside, a simple and sober rehabilitation using noble materials but also warm, with an arrangement of rooms based on openings and lighting allows us to offer all associations workspaces and pleasant meeting.

Existing balconies were filled to increase the office space. Siding grooved concrete, typical of the period of construction and in very good condition, have been preserved, thus preserving the character of the place.
The lobby was cleared to provide accessibility for all. Benches cellular concrete coating were formed for informal meetings, the expectation of users etc. .. in a friendly atmosphere. The shared meeting it is glass and overlooks the lobby. All joinery steel have been designed for the site.

Hall and meeting room on the left. Benches cellular concrete coating

Hall seen from the door

A color to each association

New steel window to the location of loggias

Skylight illuminating the staircase

Interior rooms


First level